MARION BRIDGE, Son of Semele Theatre
Crotty’s beautifully realized Theresa is not the mystic her name implies but a matter-of-fact saint, a woman of the earth whose shining goodness is the metaphoric “bridge” that may link this fractured family at last.”   -LA Times, Critic’s Pick

Three clashing sisters, one dying mother: A family’s search for common ground in ‘Marion Bridge’ – LA Times

BLOOD RELATIONS, The Raven Playhouse
“Carolyn Crotty really shines as Miss Lizzzie/Bridget…so much power with her words that is was hard not to keep my eyes off her.”  -Lorenzo Marchessi, Geek Authority
”Dark and intense…(Crotty) is a strong presence.” -Sheehan, Onstage Los Angeles

“Impressive…Carolyn Crotty, cool and controlled”   -Ruiz, Review”

“CROTTY gives a performance of great clarity, displaying a genuine neediness and vulnerability underscored by a quiet wisdom.”  -Backstage
“Carolyn Crotty gives a powerfully understated performance as Lorena, the bookish and painfully shy sister-in-law to Mollie. Her every expression shows the heartbreak and regret of this tragic character.”  -LA Opening Nights

CHRISTMASTIME IS QUEER, The Celebration Theatre
“Carolyn Reese Crotty delivers laughs aplenty in Amy Heidish’s Have Yourself a Merry Little Breakup.” -LA Weekly

“Amy Heidish’s ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Breakup’ is adeptly helmed by Sarah Philips and boasts a spry performance by Carolyn Reese Crotty.”                                -Backstage West/Critic’s Pick

“Carolyn Crotty’s seemingly mute volunteer fireperson steals the show with her gestures and reflective face, especially when she pines for Dr. Marks.”   -LA Weekly

“This comedy is served by the sharp timing and dynamics of the director Matt Almos and the actors-Backstage West

AH, WILDERNESS, The Laguna Playhouse
“Carolyn Crotty gives perhaps the freshest performance in the minor role of Mildred, Richard’s sister.”  -LA Times
                                                                                                                          “Although the casting is uneven, Carolyn Crotty and Grant Peterson are darling siblings.”  -Dramalogue

NEO A LA CARTE, Hudson Theatre 
“Easily the funniest piece on the bill is Alex Dremann’s Dead Wong, under Keith Brush’s turbo charged direction. Utah Mayonnaise magnate (Jay Convente) dodges a poisened bagel sent to him by his brother, only to realize that one of his three wives (Carolyn Crotty) wants to kill him.”  -LA Weekly

MR. PERFECT, Eclectic Theatre
“But then there’s Mr. Perfect (The “Dinner” Story), which offers quite a laugh-worthy look at one woman’s compromise with finding the right mate. Carolyn Crotty plays the girlfriend Laura, with a hilarious degree of conviction. This is the funniest, most cohesive story in the bunch.”   -Backstage West

WHITE SHEEP OF THE FAMILY, Long Beach Playhouse 
“Carolyn Crotty brightens the stage with her genuine charisma in the role of Angela Preston. Crotty plays the suddenly dubious ingenue with imagination and concentration.”   -The Orange County Register